dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Dear All,

Two other projects were mailed to me, so I'm posting them here before making a final selection this coming weekend.

Project 4 comes from a good colleague from bPost. It's called Baladharshan or Children of India. This project was founded by people of the company Verhaert, well known in the aerospace industry, eleven years ago when they were in India to launch a Belgian satelite, The Proba 1. The village people really didn't have any amenities at all. Since then there's running water, sanitation, their huts have been rebuilt into decent housing. The next step now is establishing an educational system. Plans are being made to build a school where English will be taught to the kids in the area. The land has already been acquired. And now it's time for building this school.

Project 5 comes from Miet & Griet, who are the leading ladies of the not-for-profit organization Uilenspel in Ghent, Belgium. This organization helps children of lower social class families in Sint Amandsberg & Ghent to further improve their skills and competences at school. This initiative originates in the simple observation that poor & immigrant children don't perform as well as other kids at school.
Volunteers of this organization help these children & their parents to decrease the gap between the cultures of home & school. Once a week they visit the children at home and assist the kids in doing their homework, to involve the parents more in school activities, to increase the general motivation of both kids and parents as to school-related issues.
The organization also aims at enhancing solidarity among the people of these communities.
Uilenspel is making plans for the future in order to reach as many kids as possible & to furhter develop their volunteering organization.
More info www.uilenspel.be

I'll post soon what project or projects we (hopefully) will support and I will (certainly) walk for. The itinerary will also follow soon !

Yours truly


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